MCKENNA HAZ -This vibrant young lady brings together a unique combination of brains and beauty on her mission to make her presence known. No schedule is ever too packed for Mckenna, and her vast array of commitments leave many a mind in awe. At 19 years old, she’s already begun paving her own path towards her bright future, embracing an equal balance of control over her own life and the willingness to step into the unknown.

The word “negativity” does not exist in young Mckenna’s vocabulary. Positivity is the key she molds day after day to expand further on her journey. Her dedication to her school work is undeniable, as is her commitment to lifting up those around her, pushing others forward as well as herself.

Mckenna was crowned “Miss Teenage Vancouver Island,” and also ranked in the top 10 for Miss Teenage Canada 2015. However, you don’t want to underestimate this dynamic woman’s physical strength as well. She is recognized as a high-performance women’s rugby athlete - playing provincially, nationally and internationally.

Her unbeatable ball-skills have taken her overseas, raising incredible donations for fellow athletes. As a co-founder of KidLED, this diversely talented spirit is very excited to launch this exciting new fundraising platform and brand. She can’t wait to help kids globally tap into their full potential, shining brighter than the brightest of stars in the sky.     
COOPER HAZ -There are two types of people in this world; those who follow, and those who lead. Leadership is a quality that comes naturally to young Cooper; a highly driven 16-year old with wisdom, determination and passion well beyond his years.

Cooper is inspired by purpose driven initiatives, never ceasing to have his say and making positive contributions to discussions around him. He is a man with a mission, providing unwavering leadership wherever (and whenever) he can. This budding Einstein’s strengths lie in information technology and sciences, however, his talent extends beyond the realms of the imagination. 

Cooper has a huge passion for athletics. If you can’t find him afterschool at the ice-rink playing hockey, he’ll be out on the water in his rowing shell or at the gym training. 

Cooper has a unique depth to his character which is often misunderstood. He doesn’t typically partake in nonsensical conversation. He’s highly intuitive and selective in his engagement. When he knows he can add significant value, the messages are truly priceless. His strong wit and sensibility is just an added bonus.

KidLED is one of the projects keeping this dynamic soul busy. He’ll be harnessing his leadership and incomparable organizational skills to lead the way for the KidLED ambassador program, playing a fundamental role in its fundraising and marketing initiatives.                                                                                                                                                                                            

KRISTIE HAZ -There is no force quite as strong as that of a Mother Lion – and no pride as fierce. Kristie lives to see her kids flourish, giving them the foundations they need to gift the world with their full potential as thought leaders.

Anyone who meets Kristie immediately absorbs the life force inside of her, and the drive that pushes her, and others, forth.

Kristie has spent the past two decades developing her career as a real estate maven. She is inspired by the creative process, thriving on crafting something extraordinary out of nothing. She is a problem-solver. A modern-day thinker. A hard-worker. An explosion of perception and empathy.

Kristie has the rare ability to find joy and humor in even the darkest of situations, leaving a trail of light and love wherever her feet touch the ground. They say that the craziest minds are the most creative, and Kristie is certainly not what you would call “normal”. Normal means adhering to conformity. Normal means staying within boundaries. Crazy means breaking free from them, and uncovering something worth unleashing.

This exceptionally strong Mother has navigated through vast success and obstacles within her experience and knows that life is nothing more than a scrapbook of lessons learnt, which she uses to strengthen her own foundations, as well as those people around her.

Kristie is a co-founder behind the KidLED concept, and along with her army of smart kids by her side, she is fully equipped to make the change the world so desperately needs – leadership, education and development.