Mckenna Haz

This vibrant young lady brings together a unique combination of beauty and brains on her mission to make her presence known. No schedule is ever too packed for Mckenna, and her vast array of commitments leave many a mind in awe. At 19 years old, she’s already begun paving her own path towards her bright future, embracing an equal balance of control over her own life and the willingness to step into the unknown.

The word “negativity” does not exist in young Mckenna’s vocabulary. Positivity is the key she molds day after day to expand further on her journey. Her dedication to her school work is undeniable, as is her commitment to lifting up those around her, pushing others forward as well as herself.

Mckenna was crowned “Miss Teenage Vancouver Island,” and also ranked in the top 10 for Miss Teenage Canada 2015. However, you don’t want to underestimate this dynamic woman’s physical strength as well. She is recognized as a high-performance women’s rugby athlete - playing provincially, nationally and internationally.

Her unbeatable ball-skills have taken her overseas, raising incredible donations for fellow athletes. As a co-founder of KidLED, this diversely talented spirit is very excited to launch this exciting new fundraising platform and brand. She can’t wait to help kids globally tap into their full potential, shining brighter than the brightest of stars in the sky.