Cooper Haz

There are two types of people in this world; those who follow, and those who lead. Leadership is a quality that comes naturally to young Cooper; a highly driven 16-year old with wisdom, determination and passion well beyond his years.

Cooper is inspired by purpose driven initiatives, never ceasing to have his say and making positive contributions to discussions around him. He is a man with a mission, providing unwavering leadership wherever (and whenever) he can. This budding Einstein’s strengths lie in information technology and sciences, however, his talent extends beyond the realms of the imagination. 

Cooper has a huge passion for athletics. If you can’t find him afterschool at the ice-rink playing hockey, he’ll be out on the water in his rowing shell or at the gym training. 

Cooper has a unique depth to his character which is often misunderstood. He doesn’t typically partake in nonsensical conversation. He’s highly intuitive and selective in his engagement. When he knows he can add significant value, the messages are truly priceless. His strong wit and sensibility is just an added bonus.

KidLED is one of the projects keeping this dynamic soul busy. He’ll be harnessing his leadership and incomparable organizational skills to lead the way for the KidLED ambassador program, playing a fundamental role in its fundraising and marketing initiatives.